Mercedes Benz S Class

Car of the moment, or car of the year? When it comes to being at the forefront of technology, Mercedes Benz's S Class could easily (in my opinion) lay claim to being unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. 

Mercedes Benz S Class S500 2013

Step inside the car and a single bulb won't be found. Over 300 LEDs make up this lavish interior, with a 43.5 degree reclining rear seat boasting hot stone massage options. 

2013 Mercedes Benz S Class Interior LED Reclining Rear Seat Blue

Mercedes made a pretty bold statement by naming one of their functions 'Magic Comfort Ride'. It's probably something you should experience first hand, as it literally is mind-boggling. The ability to seemingly eradicate speedbumps from the road in front is extremely surreal!

Mercedes Benz S Class S500 Magic Comfort Ride AMG

Packed full of cutting-edge technology, to catch a glimpse into the future of motoring, pick up septembers issue of CAR Magazine and read Ben Oliver's article on what sets this car apart from every other. 

Mercedes Benz S Class Interior S500 Future of Motoring