Photoshoot - Osterly Park and the Pitsford's Home Guard

Osterly Park is one of the largest open spaces in West London, with it's original footprints dating back to the 1570's. It's spectacular mansion surrounded by gardens and parkland, made Osterly today's location of choice to chill out and relax in the sun. It just so happend that on this weekend, Osterly was being visited by the Pitsford Home Guard. They hosted a display with barracks, uniforms, rifles and even an old Messerschmidt! The phrase 'Carpe Diem' is one that comes to mind here, and as soon as I saw the Home Guard stood next to the plane, I had to ask.......Can i take your picture!?

They were more than happy to oblige, and after photographing a single member of the platoon, more came over to have theirs taken. Hats off to these guys (or is a salute more appropriate?) for being such good sports! :)

I had a great time doing a real impromptu photoshoot with members of Pitsford Home Guard, and hope they like the photographs as much as I did taking them (Well...they did have rifles after all). I've since learnt that Osterly Park was one of the first locations used for the training of the first members of the Local Defence Volunteers (forerunners of the Home Guard).

If your local and are thinking about visiting Osterly Park it really is a nice day out. Please feel free to click here to see the full gallery from today.