Events - Presman Mastermelt 25th Anniversary

Presman Mastermelts are currently one of the leading recyclers of precious metals servicing the industrial sector. It was a pleasure that Hannah and I were invited to photograph their 25th Anniversary at the prestigious Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel. Whilst guests enjoyed their three course meal at this grand event, cabaret dancers and jazz/swing musicians entertained throughout the night.

The event was a tall order for us, as natural light within the ballroom was in short supply. Not to mention the vast scale of the room meaning quick light fall off. For the formals, clever use off three speedlites and gels meant we were able to bring some warmth back into the room and show off this magnificent location in all it's glory.

I'd like to thank Presman Mastermelts for our invitation to photograph such an event, and we look forward to working with them closer in the future on different projects.