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The Greatest Alfas...

If you haven't picked up a copy of September's CAR Magazine then you only have a week left to do so.

Alfa Romeo Greatest Alfas Montreal 8C SZ Disco 155 Racer Giulia Spider Cloverleaf Autodelta

Cars that define a legend, we flew out to Balocco, Italy to re-unite Alfa Romeo's legendary sports cars. From the TZ 'comeback racer' which sounded glorious echoing through the forests of 'misto Alfa':

Alfa Romeo TZ Autodelta Racer Balocco Italy Lightweight Zagato

To the 4.7 V8, 450bhp 8C Competizione which succeeded in shredding it's tyres in a spectacular fashion: 

Alfa Romeo 8C Supercar Sideways Drift CAR Magazine Editorial

And how could you possibly forget the 12,000rpm screaming 155 V6 TI which enabled Alfa to lay claim of being the only non-German marque to win the DTM title:

Alfa Romeo DTM Touring Car 155 VT TI Championship Winning

The 24 page feature contains 18 of Alfa's greatest cars, including the eagerly anticipated 4C; a supercar for £47k? Be sure to check it out! 

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante 8C Supercar 33TT 12 Championship Winning Car