Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Four Days, four christmas dinners and after having driven several hundred miles to visit family it's finally time to settle down at home for the remaining festive period and wish all of those who visit my site a very merry christmas and happy new year. I've been really lucky to receive some fantastic gifts this year, a large amount of which will help me further my photographic career in 2012. Really looking forward to blogging some reviews of the various additions to my kitbag over the coming months, including that of a Lee DSLR Filter Kit (including the 0.6 ND Hard Grad and a 0.6ND ProGlass filter).

One gift I had to try out was a 1/4" grid for my speedlites, which allow me to channel light and avoid spill. Unfortunately, (for Cleo's sake) she was looking rather pretty on the wooden floor of the dining room and fell subject to my next photograph. Perhaps I should of put a Santa hat on her...

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few remaining days of 2011, here's to a very promising 2012.

Rounding Off 2010...

First of all i'd like to wish all readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It wouldn't be complete without an end of year blog post to round off what's been a fantastic year for myself. This year has seen many opportunities in the photographic industry for me, and has brought about some great prospects for 2011. The blog has been a little bit neglected recently in terms of uploads, but i've been busy behind the scenes with new projects and website launch.

Not only am I super excited about what 2011 has to offer, I'm keen to blog and upload more of my work throughout the year. Hopefully you'll join in with keeping up to date with my work through the various social network sites I use.

Alot of my work is uploaded onto the popular site, FlickR. The ability to display work across an audience of thousands within seconds is a brilliant prospect for any photographer. If you use FlickR please feel free to add me as a contact. Even if you don't have a FlickR account, you can still check out my photostream.

You didn't hear this from me, but i've even come round to thinking Twitter is great. It's proved invaluable this year, and if your bored or fancy getting in touch/keeping up to date, feel free to follow me.

What's a blog post without pictures? Below are a few recent shots taken from my FlickR account. Clicking the individual photographs will take you directly to their page with information about how and why they were shot:

London Eye, Westminster

Smoking Canon

Stonehenge, Salisbury

Thanks for reading. Here's to a fantastic and prosperous 2011!