David Coulthard

Red Bull Racing F1 Exhaust Manifolds

Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport, where engineering and technology combine to achieve a common goal, speed. In 2013, Infiniti Red Bull Racing became consecutive four-time Constructors' World Champions and with that accolade, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about design.  

These exhaust manifolds are part of Racing Gold's "pART of the team" collection, where in collaboration with Red Bull, they turn race-used F1 parts into manufactured art for you and I to purchase. 

Before these manifolds are turned into a table, lamp or some other ingenius design, I took the opportunity to photograph these objects of desire. 

Sebastian Vettel RB5 Scalloped Tail Exhaust Manifold Infiniti Red Bull Racing Gold

Sebastian Vettel's RB4 'Scalloped Tail' exhaust manifold is easily my favourite piece, taken from the 2009 Formula One car nicknamed 'Kate'. 

The following two manifolds were taken from David Coulthard's RB2 car. Once featured in a table for Christian Horner's office, the now chrome-plated manifold required a different approach to showcase its flawless design:

David Coulthard Red Bull RB2 F1 Manifold.jpg
Coulthard Red bull F1 Manifold Flames.jpg