Reviews - Domke Bags, Now Live!

I'm very pleased to announce that the first instalment of reviews for Domke have now gone live on their website. Covered is the great for everyday use F-810 Satchel, and the highly versatile ProPack 220 Roller Case that have been put through their paces not only locally but globally. To find out what I thought of the F-810 Satchel, and how I used it click here to read the review.

If your looking for something to store or transport large amounts of gear, especially abroad then click here to read the ProPack 220 Roller Case Review.

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Domke Bags

I'm no stranger when it comes to Domke's products as i've been using the F-2 Little Bit Bigger Bag for a couple of years now. From being placed on cliff edges one thousand metres high to scraping along chemical factory floors, this bag has seen it all and is testimony to the great products Domke produce. I'm thrilled to announce that i've teamed up with the brilliant guys at Domke who make what can only be described as photographic necessities.

Not only do Domke offer great products which last, and last, and err last...the research and development they put into their products is second to none and that's why they've asked me to team up and help test their products out in the field. I'll be blogging regularly both on here and their website over at so be sure to keep an eye out. Click here to read their news post about the collaboration.

I'd like to thank Domke for this opportunity and look forward to working closely with them in the near future.