Grand Prix

Event - Silverstone F1 Grand Prix

Silverstone, home of British motorsport and the most exciting racing event of the year - the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Very luckily I was given tickets to this years event, and with a background in motorsport I couldn't turn it down.

To open this great British event, the Red Arrows aerobatic display team thundered overhead performing mind-boggling  maneuvers in the sky. Absolutely superb to watch whilst the crowd stood in amazement.

What can I say apart from the atmosphere is absolutely incredible, a true spectacle to experience. Despite nearly being deaf by Lap 3, you really begin to understand how incredible these machines are (as the pass through Maggots corner at speeds in excess of 160mph, some even bottoming out and causing sparks...see below!).

Just like most motorsport events, spectator safety is a priority, meaning photographers like myself with no press pass experience great difficulty photographing from anywhere thats close enough, or even somewhere without a chainlink fence! Still a brilliant day out and one event I'll definately be planning on returning to next year (perhaps with a bigger lens and better vantage point :D)

To see the a gallery of images taken today, please feel free to click here.