Photo Stats

Review - iPhone App: Photo Stats

If you own an iPhone and enjoy photography then there's a possibility you could be like me and currently have 1,763 photographs sitting on your phone. Chase Jarvis said that "The best camera, is the one you have with you" and it couldn't be more true. Carrying large amounts of photographic equipment isn't always suitable, and as such taking photographs on whatever device you have to hand is key in capturing the moment. Besides, sometimes shooting with the most basic of equipment can be the most fun as it makes you think creatively. I love taking snapshots with my iPhone4 and using various apps to edit and share on twitter/facebook, there's something quirky about it and if you follow me on twitter i'm sure you'll see the random uploads.

Part of the fun in iPhone photography is geotagging; seeing geographically where your images have been taken. I've almost made a habit of it now, that when visiting a new location i'll take a snapshot to get a pin in the map. DFANewYork have just launched their latest app called Photostats, which produces funky info-graphic renditions of how, when, and where you took your shots.

As it stands, 929 of my images were taken in the UK and 863 were taken at ISO80 according to their metadata. At £0.69 it's a cheap download and worthwhile if you find this sort of information interesting :)