Published - Hertfordshire Life Magazine

If you're local to Hertfordshire then why not grab yourself the latest September issue of Hertfordshire Life, containing two of my landscape photographs in their "Beautiful Hertfordshire" section. I'm thrilled to have some more of my landscape work published as it means those early morning wake up calls for sunrise are worth while! Included in the magazine is "Sunset over the fields of Hertfordshire at Studham" and "Purple Haze at Hitchin Lavender, Ickleford" :)

I've been doing alot more landscape work recently and if you'd like to keep up with the latest then check out my FlickR account here or follow me on Twitter.

Published - Western Gazette: "Snapper Richard discovers inspiring shots on trip home"

You may recall recently that I blogged about Sherborne Abbey and the fact Hannah and I had the great opportunity to see some of the unseen sights it has to offer, mainly the panoramic view from the bell tower. I was thrilled when a BBC Dorset Journalist published some of the images on their BBC News In Pictures section, however never did I expect that a fleeting visit to the Abbey would result in the local newspaper asking to write an article about me. The Western Gazette, founded in 1737 and having a circulation of 31,000 is a newspaper spanning the areas of Dorset and Somerset. Growing up in Sherborne i've often read this paper, so to have them contact me and request an interview for the upcoming edition I was both shocked and excited to say the least. The article touches on the beginning of my photography career, the experience we had at Sherborne Abbey and includes a rather scary picture of myself (credit to Hannah for taking that!).

Thanks to my mother for the above scan, who managed to purchase the paper in a local supermarket and glance over it before even realising it was me! All of this just goes to show that opportunities such as photographing the Abbey should be grabbed with both hands. It's an approach I always try to adopt with my photography and personal projects as you'll never know where things might end up! If your local to Dorset or Somerset then why not grab a copy and take a look at yourself on page 4 :)


Published - BBC News In Pictures: Inside Sherborne Abbey

Commented as one of Dorset's most historic and ornate buildings, the BBC have just published my images of Sherborne Abbey as part of their 'In Pictures' section of the Dorset News website.

After a brief conversation with a BBC Journalist, five images and suitable captions were chosen to publish on their website. If you'd like to take a look, please feel free to click the following link: BBC Dorset News - In Pictures: Inside Sherborne Abbey

Photoshoot - Most experienced car salesman?

When a PR agency contacted us and explained the story behind Don Burgess, quite possibly the most experienced car salesman still working today, it wasn't a hard decision to wether we'd provide the photography for it (even if we flew to South Africa the next day!). Arriving at the dealership for which Don worked, it wasn't long before we saw his key to success. His passion for the cars in which he sold shone through, and his ability to listen made it incredibly easy to see him as a 'friend' rather than a salesman. With Don complimenting me on my own method of transport, the Honda S2000 we were always bound to get along! :)

It was a pleasure photographing Don at Brayley Honda for his 75th birthday, even managing to sneak a few photographs of his pride and joy, the Jaguar inbetween PR shots. Don't ask us how or why, but Hannah Couzens even managed to get Don leaping in the boot of a CR-V for a fantastic shot, shame it never made it to publication!

The story has been published in various formats, few tearsheets below:

Originally published in "Car Dealer" Magazine and "Institute of The Motor Industry" Magazine

Published - Orbis Ring Flash Website Gallery

Ever heard of FlickR? If you haven't you're missing out. Unlike any other site, its simplicty to share photographs, gain exposure the world over and meet interesting new people is unrivalled. Flickr bridges new career gaps from amateur to professional photographers, and it's not uncommon to read how the photographers you admire today, started off uploading on FlickR. Following on from an earlier post about my Orbis Ring flash, James Madelin (creator of the Orbis) spotted my photograph in the Orbis FlickR group and was impressed with it's originality. As such James has now asked to display it on the website. Excellent!

FlickR isn't just a website, it's a community of photographers ranging from the weird, to the down right brilliant. It is full of inspiration, ideas and new techniques to help move your photography to the next level.

For those who haven't, feel free to check out my FlickR account here and if you like, add me as a contact! :)