Tai Chi Swayze

Photoshoot - Tai Chi Swayze

Tai Chi Swayze arrived in 2010 with scuffed guitars, banging tunes and care worn shoes to dance with - their idea was to have some seriously upbeat fun. With a statement such as making music like a Jackson Pollack canvas (but louder) it certainly had me intrigued. Upon my arrival at their studio in St.Margarets, they played a quick set for us. Blown away doesn't quite describe it (literally because I was sat next to an amp and toweringly high speaker!). Great bunch of guys that produce some seriously outstanding music! I highly recommend you check out their MySpace and take a listen for yourself, or better still get yourself to one of their upcoming gigs. Hopefully i'll get a chance to photograph them in action soon!

A rag-tag mix of art school scenesters, steel city rockers and inseparable ex-lovers from around the globe makes this below picture a favourite of mine. I can just see this on an album cover or magazine cover! The derelict camper van nearby to their studios made a great abstract portfolio shot:

A direct quote from the band, "we rummage through a crinkled mixed bag of quirky Pop, moody Shoegaze and fizzed up New Wave. Live the five Swayze youth play with all the fizz and fun of a retro video game. Add some 90’s Synth, Modern art, New Wave guitars, B-Grade Horror and the occasional vodka fuelled mood swing and you're away." Now if that doesn't want to make you check them out, i'm not sure what will....Well maybe one more photograph to persuade you...

Shooting a band is a first for me, and it's a great learning curve, lighting 5 people simultaneously is a great skill to be able to achieve. I really enjoyed this shoot, hopefully it won't be my last of this kind. Finally, I take my hat off to Tai Chi Swayze for letting me photograph them...keep it up guys! For a gallery of my favourites from the shoot, please feel free to click here.