Photoshoot - Honda S2000 GT

Something I haven't done in quite a while, is photograph the other passion in my life. I'm a keen automotive enthusiast, stemming from a background in racing during my teen years. Owning a Honda S2000 GT has always been a dream of mine. Everything about the car appeals to me, from the convertible roof right through to the 240bhp 2.0Litre 9,000rpm screaming F20C engine. Theres something particularly nice about their only being two seats?!

Having owned this car now a total of three weeks, I am happy to say it exceeds every expectation i've ever had of owning one. Truely a superb car which has sparked me into dabbling abit more with my automotive photography. Hopefully I am able to adapt all that i've learnt over the years into producing some cracking shots to show off this iconic sports car.