Damien Lovegrove

Event - Damien Lovegrove: My Photography Unraveled

'Turn the world, into your studio' was something that stuck in my head from tonights seminar with Damien Lovegrove. One of the most influential and entrepreneurial photographers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. It's the way that he works and conducts his shoots which enthrals me. Everything is fast-paced and formulated, with the results speaking for themselves. With a wealth of knowledge he is renowned for being one of the forefront trainers in photography offering a wide range of training workshops, DVDs and books. The seminar showcased 120 of his favourite portraits, most of which captured his 'punchy' portrait style proving that a simple lighting rig can provide dramatic and effective results. On an 'adhoc' basis, everyone was free to pitch questions throughout the seminar about his various shots/style etc whilst he described how each photograph was shot and lit. You'll have to excuse the iPhone picture!

Having watched the DVDs (and just ordered the book solely on how impressed I was after the seminar) it was a real eye-opener, and has filled me with even more enthusiam for what I  love doing. I highly recommend checking out his blog site Prophotonut or his company website Lovegrove Consulting.