London Aquarium

Location - London Eye and Aquarium

The London Eye was completed in 1999 weighing 1,700 tonnes and is hailed as the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. Towering 443ft high into the London Skyline, the Eye has 32 capsules (one for every London Borough) each holding upto 25 passengers. Rotating at 0.6mph, it allows passengers to take a view over London by day or by night. Having seen the view from both times of day, I can highly recommend taking a trip up at dusk to see the city glowing with light.

Just beneath the London Eye is the Sealife - London Aquarium. First opened in March 1997, and after recent £5m refurbishments the aquarium now has a glass tunnel, shark walk and a large pacific ocean tank. A vast array of creatures feature here, ranging from crocodiles to sharks!