Super Clamp

Kit Bag - Clamps

The ability to light any frame, in any location and at any time of day is a big part of the way I work. Which is why i'm often found lumbering around locations with bulky lightstands in order to rig my speedlites. This can be a pain when it comes to post processing, because if you can't hide the lighting stands out of frame, and still in line of sight (because of the ST-E2 Transmitter) it means additional work cloning them out.

Incomes my new little addition to the kit bag. A Manfrotto Superclamp and WexPro Clamp with Spigot. These brilliant little pieces of kit allow me to rig a speedlight in unseen and new places. Both have great build quality, and the superclamp states it can support up to 15kg, which is amazing considering the size of it. If your interested in ordering a Manfrotto Superclamp, be sure to remember that they come without a stud (unless stated) as I found out.... :o