New Website Coming Soon - Coming Soon

What better way to display a preview of the new website on my weapon of choice, the 27" Apple iMac.

I made the move to Apple a few years back, having purchased a 15" Apple Macbook Pro. Over the years my Sony Vaio literally started flaking on me, and the change to Mac not only brought about better functionality for my photography (in my opinion) but a huge leap in build quality. I've been a convert ever since,  and now own a whole "bushel" of Apple products.

My website is almost ready, as soon as it's launched you'll be able to find it over at

Strobist: 2x Bowens Gemini GM500R Behind Bare @ 3.6 1x Bowens Gemini GM500R Camera Left w/ Softbox @ 2.5 1x Bowens Gemini GM500R Camera Right w/ Umbrella Bounced @ 3.6 Triggered via Bowens Pulsars