Catching up with Tearsheets...

I've been pretty slack in keeping up to date with my latest tearsheets, however I count myself very fortunate lately to be featured in a whole host of different publications. In an effort to catch up, i've created a tearsheet folder on my facebook fan page with all the latest additions including tearsheets from; Professional Photographer, World of Photography, Digital Photographer, Photography Monthly, BBC, Daily Telegraph and several calendars.

Feel free to check them out and leave me a comment :-)

New Website -

Yesterday saw the launch of a new website which is now mobile friendly! Taking a look at recent analytic stats and market trends, the increase in use of mobile devices used to access websites is ever-increasing. With the old website being built using flash it limited who could view the site. In comes the launch of the new site whereby the usability across different platforms has increased dramatically. Almost 50% of yesterdays views were from a mobile devices which previously wouldn't be able to view my work! With some exciting new projects coming soon it couldn't be better timed. It gives me great pleasure to say that the site is now up and running, viewable from almost any device.

This site will see a constant stream of updates over the coming months including some exciting new functionality and personal project coverage. Be sure to check out the new website, located at and keep an eye out for future developments.

Website Launch -

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the launch of my new website,

The new website aims to show a portfolio of work, across varying different criterias such as Portrait, Landscape and Stock. Future additions are already in the pipeline alongside a large personal project I am currently planning. Please feel free to take a look at the new home of Richard Pardon Photography and get in touch with any comments you might have via the blog or contact page. Hope you enjoy! :)

New Website Coming Soon - Coming Soon

What better way to display a preview of the new website on my weapon of choice, the 27" Apple iMac.

I made the move to Apple a few years back, having purchased a 15" Apple Macbook Pro. Over the years my Sony Vaio literally started flaking on me, and the change to Mac not only brought about better functionality for my photography (in my opinion) but a huge leap in build quality. I've been a convert ever since,  and now own a whole "bushel" of Apple products.

My website is almost ready, as soon as it's launched you'll be able to find it over at

Strobist: 2x Bowens Gemini GM500R Behind Bare @ 3.6 1x Bowens Gemini GM500R Camera Left w/ Softbox @ 2.5 1x Bowens Gemini GM500R Camera Right w/ Umbrella Bounced @ 3.6 Triggered via Bowens Pulsars