Published - Orbis Ring Flash Website Gallery

Ever heard of FlickR? If you haven't you're missing out. Unlike any other site, its simplicty to share photographs, gain exposure the world over and meet interesting new people is unrivalled. Flickr bridges new career gaps from amateur to professional photographers, and it's not uncommon to read how the photographers you admire today, started off uploading on FlickR. Following on from an earlier post about my Orbis Ring flash, James Madelin (creator of the Orbis) spotted my photograph in the Orbis FlickR group and was impressed with it's originality. As such James has now asked to display it on the website. Excellent!

FlickR isn't just a website, it's a community of photographers ranging from the weird, to the down right brilliant. It is full of inspiration, ideas and new techniques to help move your photography to the next level.

For those who haven't, feel free to check out my FlickR account here and if you like, add me as a contact! :)